Traditionally, Kleenco self performed all facilities and maintenance services for our customers. Over time, more and more requests came in from those clients, which meant that we had to look at providing a broader range of services over a larger geographic area. As a result, in 2013 Kleenco started its Sourcing Department.

The Sourcing Department’s role is to find and work with high quality providers who can perform work and provide services to Kleenco’s customers in geographic areas beyond Kleenco’s usual work area. This allows us to offer high quality services to our valued customers, over the largest possible area, at the lowest possible cost.

We work to develop a comprehensive list of skilled, high quality providers that we can rely on to continually supply these services on short notice, often in emergency situations, to our customer base across the country, and to develop and maintain a high quality relationship with those customers by providing timely, economic solutions to their facilities and maintenance problems.

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